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David Edward Hill, MS, CHt
Certified Counselor & Hypnotherapist       


Welcome to my website. Please look around and get acquainted.

I am located in the heart of Battle Ground, WA, and I am only 20 minutes away from the I-5 and I-205 bridges in Portland/Vancouver. My clients come from all over southwest Washington, as well as the Portland metropolitan area, and beyond.

 I charge $100.00 for a 1 to 2 hour counseling and hypnotherapy session. The time spent will depend upon the needs of the client.  But, regardless of the time spent, the cost for the session will  remain unchanged.  Many of my clients feel that it is worth going the extra mile for the extra time and the lower price that I am able to offer, due to a lower cost of operations in a smaller community.

Please don't be fooled into believing a common misconception, which is, "The higher the cost, the better the service."  I try to keep my fees as low as possilbe so that the people that need to see me can afford to come.

About You:

Every client is different, and they all arrive at my office with different problems that they wish to solve, or personal goals that they wish to achieve. Therefore, it is really impossible to tell anyone in advance how many sessions that they will need to achieve those goals.

Some clients do have a successful outcome with only one session. But I must honestly tell you that this is very rare. Most clients require at least five or six sessions, and some will need even more than that, over a longer period of time.

It all depends on you, the individual, and because of this all of my clients have a very individualized treatment plan. I specialize in Stress Management and Pain Control, but I also treat a myriad of other disorders, including anxiety, phobias, self-confidence, weight loss, and smoking cessation.

Although I do a great deal of "talk" counseling, I find that nearly all of my clients benefit the most from hypnotherapy. It is an elegant form of "brief therapy," and I use it with over 99% of my clientel.

So, if you are interested in exploring hypnosis and hypnotherapy as a possible solution to your problems, or a natural bridge to the achievement of your life goals, please give me a call at 360-687-9965. I will be happy to give you a Free 30-Minute Counsultation, either over the phone, or in person at my office in Battle Ground, WA.

Just to be perfectly clear, the free consultation does not include a hypnotherapy session. It is just an opportunity for us to get to know one another, and for me to answer some of your general questions about myself and my practice.

Due to the nature of my work, I leave my phone turned off most of the time. So please leave a detailed message, giving your name, your phone number, the nature of your situation, and the time that I can best reach you. I usually return calls within two to three hours. If you are adverse to leaving phone messages, than please provide the same information via email. You can reach me at

Thank you.

David Edward Hill, MS, CHt

Battle Ground Hypnotherapy, LLC
2401 W. Main Street, Suite # 211
Battle Ground, WA 98604


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