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David Edward Hill, MS, CHt
Certified Counselor & Hypnotherapist

Does Hypnotherapy Really Work?

Hypnotherapy is an efficient therapeutic technique which enables a person to understand their individual life-patterns and begin the problem-solving process.

How it works: The client is put into a light trance using simple hypnosis techniques. The trance state is much like the "mind state" that is eventually experienced after driving for hours on a long, straight road. The conscious mind recedes and becomes less active, allowing easier access to the subconscious mind.  However, there is never a time when the client is not in control. Once in a trance the client can easily recall significant incidents that initiated their presenting problems.  At this point in the process the hypnotherapist can begin to implant into the clients subconscious mind a new and positive belief system.

Healing work can be done through guided imagery which replaces the negativity of the past experiences with a profound sense of personal power. This technique is highly effective because all the work takes place on the subconscious level where all of the traumas are stored. Hypnotherapy is a quick and direct route to the source of any problem.

 My approach to counseling is very holistic, assessing each client's unique and complex belief system. Together we determine which beliefs are useful and which undermine the client's goals. An individual's spiritual beliefs are explored as well as his/her beliefs about health and healing, relationships, life's meaning, and the process of change.

My clients represent a very diverse cross-section of the community, coming from various racial, spiritual, cultural, and financial backgrounds. I have extensive experience with individuals and families in crisis and those with limiting  mental and physical health issues. I work with people who are struggling with such challenges as grief and loss, career changes, relationship issues, death and dying, abuse, anxiety, depression, spiritual growth, and sobriety.

My belief is that the disharmony that manifests in an individual's life dwells in the mind and just as the mind can perpetuate suffering, so can it learn joy. My role is to help the mind see life from a new perspective, one which is less limited by restrictive beliefs and ineffectual patterns. The mind is a powerful tool. Give it the necessary skills to tolerate change and it then has the freedom to create whatever it wants, whether it be a satisfying career, a loving relationship, a sense of meaning in life… virtually anything imaginable.


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